Data Breach Products – ID Experts
Businesses, government and educational institutions reported nearly 50 percent more data breaches last year than in 2007, exposing the personal records of at least 35.7 million Americans.
-- Brian Kreps, The Washington Post
January 6, 2009


Data breaches happen.

ID Experts understands the challenges of protecting Personally Identifiable and Protected Health Information (PII/PHI) used by your business and your business partners. We know how important it is to take preventative measures that reduce your risk of data breach and to respond appropriately when breaches are detected.

Data Breach Lifecycle

Our expert team and proven best practices help you reduce the risk of data breaches and meet regulatory requirements by better protecting PII/PHI throughout your business processes. When breaches do happen, we provide the most personal managed recovery services in the industry to help ensure positive experiences and outcomes for all breach victims.

Breach Prevent

ID Experts knows first-hand how breaches happen and how best to prevent them or significantly reduce their impact. ID Experts offers a suite of breach prevention services based on established privacy principles and our Breach Protection Framework, designed to help your organization comply with state, federal, and international privacy regulations specific to your industry. Our CIPP-certified experts follow best-practice privacy and data safeguard standards developed by leading organizations and privacy experts and used by major corporations worldwide. Learn more about our data breach prevention services.

Breach Respond

ID Experts has the experience, proven best practices, and complete range of services required to achieve full remediation for organizations and breach victims, even in the most sensitive and complex breach situations. We help protect your business and your customers with prompt, clear and appropriate notification, effective protection, and fully managed identity restoration. Learn more about our data breach response services.